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Patheon Consulting is constantly looking at ways to improve their service to you. Below are some examples of how we stay current in the ever changing world of information technology.

Windows 10 Support ends in 3 years 

Windows 11 kicked off its gradual rollout to eligible devices last year, meaning that Windows 10 will eventually retire with Windows 7 in the graveyard of Microsoft operating systems. But if you're still using Microsoft's older OS, don't stress. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until Oct. 14, 2025. That gives you about three years to prepare as Microsoft slowly moves its billion-plus Windows users to Windows 11.

Windows 7 support ending January 14, 2020

What does end of support mean for you? After January 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for Windows 7. If you are still running Windows 7 in your datacenter, you need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure. By migrating to an updated Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, or Office 365, you can achieve concrete benefits, including improved performance, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased agility and speed of response to the business.

Office 365

Patheon Consulting is certified to install and support MS Office 365.

Microsoft Windows XP - No Longer Supported

Since April 8, 2014, Microsoft no longer provides security or operating system updates for Windows XP. Don't delay in upgrading your system! Without an upgrade, you are vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Your computer system will become a ticking time bomb. Additionally, by using Windows XP, you are not in compliance with SOX, HIPAA or PCI regulations.

Cloud Backup

We offer new and improved features to help maintain your data via the cloud.

Server Deployment

Patheon is very experienced in deploying servers. Our latest servers are equipped with SSDs for even greater startup speed and reliability. Contact us to learn more.